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Sat Dec 12 2009, 01:13a.m.
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My name is Sęvar Örn, I“m 18 years old, and I“m from Iceland.

I am the administrator over this website, which practically is run from my home server, on a very limited bandwidth connection aswell, as we run this club on a tight budget.

My Suzuki has been modified to withstand the weather conditions of my country, and enjoy driving on top of the snow instead of plowing through it and getting myself stuck.

I“ll let the pictures speak.-

Please leave me a comment or a suggestion.

I hope you enjoy my Suzuki as much as I do.

Figured i“d shoot an oil change and cleaning the EGR entrance in the Throttle body, it wasn“t quite as dirty as I“ve seen pictures of, but still there was a little grit I could get out, nothing that would affect my milage or runability anytime soon though.

Burns only a fair amount of motor oil, thats where its at, at about half a litre below where it was 10k kms ago when I added the oil last time.

Drip drip drip rolleyes.png

Dirty greasy intake, clogged up EGR valve port

I“d forgotten the gap specification for the spark plugs, so the computer with all vitara manuals comes in handy

Here“s another picture of my laptop setup inside the car while travelling..

And to explain, I use the computer for servicing my Suzuki, and for navigating around the country in bad weather conditions, I have the laptop connected with my GPS and have very good maps that show all rivers clearly and roads very well.

And I also use the laptop as the main sound system/ home cinema and radio for my car.

To power my computer, external hard disk drive and home cinema I have a 500W 12 to 220V inverter

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